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Buy Gown - Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Gowns

  • Doctoral gowns are worn by recipients of Massey University Doctor Business Administration, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Doctor of Education degrees. They are identical to master gowns except that they have scarlet facings down the front.
  • Higher doctorate recipients wear all-scarlet gowns not these Doctoral robes  
  • They have a closed or pocket sleeve.
  • They are a generous fit and should suit most people.
  • Gowns are sized according to your full height and should be worn at mid-calf length. Please use the drop box below to choose the height range you fit into.
  • The size you select is a guide only as every customer is given an opportunity for a personal fitting when collecting regalia, so if you are not sure of your height just leave the gown size on the current selection.
  • We carry a limited stock of these robes and in general sell from our EX HIRE department.
  • We can send robes overseas. For freight charges to Australia and the rest of the world please email us with your order.

Add Hood

Enter qualification here and we will put in the appropriate regalia. Cost $21.00
Buy Gown - Doctoral Degrees

Buy Gown - Doctoral Degrees

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Courier Delivery

Courier Delivery

Courier Delivery
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Thank you ADH, great service as usual J

Lisa - Hawke's Bay


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